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Selecting the right rugby tackle bags for your team is crucial for safe and effective training sessions. Here’s a detailed guide to help you choose the best rugby tackle bags:
Choosing Rugby Tackle Bags for Your Team

Rugby tackle bags are essential for training drills and improving tackling technique. When selecting rugby tackle bags, consider the following factors:
1. Size and Shape

Standard Sizes: Tackle bags typically come in standard sizes, including junior, youth, and senior sizes.
Shape: Choose bags with a cylindrical shape for general tackling drills and a more rectangular shape for rucking and mauling drills.

2. Durability

Material: Select bags made from durable materials such as heavy-duty PVC or vinyl, with reinforced stitching for longevity.
Padding: Ensure that the bags are adequately padded to absorb impact and reduce the risk of injury.

3. Weight

Lightweight: Choose bags that are lightweight enough for players to move and carry easily.
Stability: Ensure that the bags are stable enough to withstand impact without tipping over.

4. Handles and Straps

Reinforced Handles: Look for bags with reinforced handles or straps for easy carrying and handling.
Adjustable Straps: Opt for bags with adjustable straps to accommodate different player heights and training needs.

5. Safety Features

Safety Padding: Ensure that the bags have sufficient padding to protect players during drills.
Stability Base: Choose bags with a stable base to prevent tipping during drills.

6. Quantity

Multiple Bags: Consider purchasing a variety of tackle bags in different sizes and shapes to cater to different training drills and player positions.

Popular Rugby Tackle Bag Options

Junior Tackle Bags: Smaller, lighter bags designed for junior players to practice tackling techniques.
Senior Tackle Bags: Larger, heavier bags suitable for senior players to simulate game-like scenarios.
Rucking Shields: Rectangular-shaped bags used for rucking and mauling drills, providing a more realistic training experience.


Choosing the right rugby tackle bags is essential for effective training and player safety. By considering factors such as size, shape, durability, weight, handles, and safety features, you can select tackle bags that meet the needs of your team and enhance their performance on the field.

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